Help For Physicians Facing OPMC Disciplinary Actions

Immediate action is critical in the event of an investigation by the Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC). If the OPMC finds that a physician, physician assistant or other medical professional is guilty of misconduct, it can result in penalties that could do serious damage to a reputation and career. In the most serious situations, the penalties can be career-ending.

At Thorn Gershon Tymann and Bonanni, LLP, our attorneys have decades of experience protecting the careers of medical professionals in New York.

Representing Medical Professionals In All Phases Of A Misconduct Claim

We serve doctors and other medical professionals in all phases of a misconduct claim. We represent clients during OPMC investigations, intervening early in the process and striving to resolve the matter with little or no harm to a medical career. We stand up for clients in cases that reach hearing committee level, arguing to eliminate or reduce penalties. We also represent licensees in appealing decisions in front of the Administrative Review Board.

The OPMC has the power to impose penalties such as:

  • Community service
  • Continuing medical education (CME)
  • Fines
  • Probation
  • Medical license suspension
  • Medical license revocation

Our lawyers work with medical professionals and their insurers in pursuit of a positive outcome. We have a trusted reputation in license defense matters.

Professional Misconduct Is Broadly Defined

Medical professionals are sometimes surprised at how broadly medical misconduct is defined by the OPMC. These matters are not limited to allegations of medical negligence. Allegations of drug abuse, alcohol abuse, discrimination, fraud, promising a positive result, performing procedures that a patient did not approve and ordering excessive tests are just some examples that could lead to OPMC investigations.

Complaints to the OPMC can come from patients, patients’ families, employees, former employees and other parties. The OPMC takes every complaint seriously, and medical professionals who are the targets of such complaints must respond accordingly. Having an attorney who understands how the OPMC operates, knows the process and can guide you through it can make a dramatic difference in your case.

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